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Fat Cams is a blogsite that does not only concentrate on live fat cams. We want to promote the BBW way of life, meeting these curvaceous beauties, getting to know them, finding out why they are the best lovers in the world. This is why we are here to tell you about Fat Flirt, a dating website where every man can find his perfect bbw date and where things more often than not go naughty as relationships spark and things soon spiral out of control.

The thing that makes Fat Flirt such an amazing website is that these are some of the hottest bbw babes you will find in the world. And these are not some girls that have been hired by a company or anything. These are real girls who are also looking for dates, most of them looking for someone to have fun with. You have to be a real gentleman and you have to seduce your favorite Fat Flirt girl into getting into you. If you are lucky and if you know your stuff, who is to say that the two of you will not have the steamiest night of passion?


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